When the laser enters the cultural and creative circle of the museum, let the art fall in love with laser creation!

Spring born, summer long, autumn harvest, winter collection

We ushered in a new year with the countdown bell

Everyone is used to using wechat or SMS to edit blessing messages

But there’s less of that real feeling

Chinese traditional culture focuses on etiquette

Unique Chinese style greeting card is your choice

The National Museum of China launched the creative ancient style greeting card with the laser carving machine for festival greeting card

Feel the beauty of time and space, let the blessing be visible!


Xinglin Chunyan greeting card absorbs the essence of Xinglin Chunyan pattern bottle

The color is soft, fresh and not vulgar, giving people visual comfort

Display in the form of laser carving machine for holiday greeting cards

Green bamboo facing the wind, swallow perching on Apricot Branches

Create three-dimensional and vivid flowers and birds

Smart and lively, not interesting


Treatment of paper by laser carving machine for holiday greeting card

If the light penetrates the hollow area of the card and hits the wall directly

It will show a different spring picture of pine and crane

The crane with accurate and precise shape is more auspicious

Whether it’s a gift or a private collection, it’s a good choice


Laser carving machine for holiday greeting cards

Exquisite craftsmanship transforms painting into a fine three-dimensional landscape

The pavilions and pavilions in the Grand View Garden and the tall trees

Full of beautiful scenery and unique charm

It’s like going back to the ancient times


Emotional communication needs physical expression

Guobo cultural creation greeting card and festival greeting card laser carving machine

Build a bridge to deliver love and blessings

Write down sincere wishes and sincere greetings on the greeting card

Let the voice of the soul float out of the hollow greeting cards with pictures and texts

Let small cards send best wishes to relatives and friends


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Post time: Jan-13-2020
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